Beach Sunset ~ Mark Peeters
"Please waste your time on me."
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Trees  by Enrico Le Piane

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This can be interpreted on so many levels

literally my life with racial anxiety

this video spoke to me yo

Soooo many different interpretations…. Cuz I see the fact that demons can be anywhere and everywhere, in any form



nothing is more satisfying than knowing someone will be with you through thick and thin
"There is what appears, and there is reality. What appears is not reality in that it has no independence - no separate individual existence, yet we cannot say it is not real either. We can say the appearance of it, as we believe it to be, is not real, yet WHAT it actually IS, in essence, is real, IS reality itself. Therefore we must realize our tendency to give independent reality to things and overlook WHAT those things ARE, in essence.
WHAT IS, is limitless - to know limitation is to appear as some form - once the form appears we apply “thingness” to it - that means we give it some independence, some separate existence. Yet it never stopped being WHAT-IS - we might say WHAT-IS patterned or formed - WHAT-IS didn’t split off - it didn’t divide itself and create a secondary, separate existence. That “thing” is still the same essence - it is the essence itself which takes form - just as Gold forms into chains, rings, etc. The chain remains only ever Gold, even though it came about - it arrived and later departed through melting back down. Chain didn’t die - only the form “chain” dissolved or melted back into Gold. Then later chain can become ring. It never loses it’s essence as Gold.
The problem is that we give “Chain” independence and overlook what it ever IS, Gold. Once chain is formed and given the name “chain”, our common practice is to say that it exists - that means it has separate existence. Can you see that this idea is false? That there is no new and separate existence but only a new formation of the original existence, Gold. Gold is doing many things - rings, chains, nose rings, toe rings, etc.
We are fooled by appearance - we are fooled by our ideas about existence - that it comes in individual servings. Look not to the appearance but to what that appearance IS, in essence. Question the idea that existence can come about independently in each little “thing” we know. Realize that each form is a shadow cast on the screen of the mind - the shadow itself can never be reality. What is being reflected is, in essence, reality itself.
And if there is only one essence, one existence - could you possibly be just one small pattern, or mustn’t you be WHAT that pattern IS?"
Randall Friend (via oceanandwave)

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